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The hotel industry website solution

The hotel industry website solution

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With the rapid popularization of Internet, the hotel e-commerce arises at the historic moment, the network marketing, online booking...World. The Internet offers unlimited business opportunities.
As our Internet companies, hotel website construction ESPCMS have professional design team and the maintenance personnel, we will according to the details of your hotel and a hotel need tailor-made e-commerce site, to help you take full advantage of the Internet information resources, service hotel guests.
At the same time, according to our operation as well as the experience of China's tourism, we know more about the hotel's actual demand, according to the understanding of the hotel customers, we studied in the same site at the same time, we designed the hotel website construction scheme, for your reference.
A, the hotel website construction goal:
(1) setting up enterprise good public image;
(2) for the hotel to provide the online booking platform;
(3) attract more potential customers and visitors;
(4) on the basis of enterprise CI system, web site design style is concise, atmospheric, reflect the strength of the hotel and industry status, meet different browsers reading habits;
(5) to attract more customers for existing customers to provide more efficient service;
(6) establish a perfect online service system, improve the efficiency of management, establish and improve the tracking system.
Second, the hotel website design key points:
(1) the overall site style novel, creative design to attract visitors stay, browse the web site, keep business opportunities, we use the most popular on the Internet today of CSS, FLASH, Javascript web site on the technology such as static and dynamic page design, dynamic button, small ICONS, will make your visitors leave deep impression.
(2) we will according to your hotel CI, cooperate with the entire site design style for each series of products packaging design on the Internet, in order to show your hotel provided by the service is the most close to the heart of the premium brand image of the product.
(3) the FLASH is currently the most popular on the Internet network technology, as a kind of dynamic can be used on the Internet, interactive SHOCKWAVE.So you can produce multimedia graphics and interface, and make the small size of the file.
(4) pages of information, in addition to small ICONS, Banner, there are a lot of words and images need to be processed, pictures, text support, is an indispensable part of our advanced equipment and serious working attitude can make a site that is satisfactory to you.

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