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Hospital health agency website solution

Hospital health agency website solution

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Hospital website solution: for large and medium-sized medical institutions, health institutions to implement information construction portal provided by the overall solution.Solution to one of the goals is to build a show the image of the hospital and medical service hospital portal system;Second is to establish the communication between doctors, patients, medical field interaction and information sharing, information release, online consultation, expert appointment core service system, health knowledge and so on.Medical applications by providing a variety of network services and operational support, shaping good hospital overall image, set up the network medical service platform of the hospital. 
Hospital website solution infrastructure
Div + CSS + PHP is used to build for you.Cut the page code, increase the speed of page views, to reduce the bandwidth costs, it has the advanced system architecture and strong flexible layout structure is clear, easy to search engine to search, natural seo was optimized, make the picture more ornamental, for various industries would apply, solve the informatization implementation, to implement e-commerce operations has independence road and comprehensive practical application significance.
Hospital website solution composition
The hospital website features: hospital site group
Solutions in addition to build the whole portal hospitals, subordinate unit of each department will also set up hospital, all department and characteristic specialized subject hospital can have channel has its own home page, and realizes the information sharing and supervisor website different style.In addition to site management can achieve unification or independence management authority free distribution. 
Hospital website functions: information announcement management
Dynamic information release hospital, clinic, or within the department related notice, notification, respectively in the homepage or release of a specified channel page, can release and audit regularly. 
Hospital website features: expert database management system
To establish complete hospital expert database, introduced the hospital each course details of academician, mentor, experts, and can realize the online query.
Hospital website features: expert blog system
Hospital each expert to open special personal blog, experts can manage their online relevant data and graphic information, published professional articles and opinion of relevant conditions, and thus for the personalized academic exchange and doctor-patient communication. 
Hospital website features: expert consulting system
According to the expert classification set up advice column, in the form of unified question, online focus reply, support a variety of forms and upload attachments, friendly interface, abound human characteristics.Patients through the network can enjoy the expert medical consulting services.
Hospital website features: experts online reservation system
Customizable hospital expert reservation information release, in all the subjects in detail hospital consultation time and an operation method.
The reservation service, humane services thoughtful;On-line booking, can reflect the Internet more convenience and shortcut in service advantages.
Hospital website features: BBS system
Have perfect website BBS management function, user management, grade management, program management, rights management, such as make BBS set up flexible and varied, and good user interface and access efficiency make BBS more human characteristics.
BBS system as a doctor, hospital patients, peers and the social from all walks of life between communication and exchange platform, can be fully enough play the role of academic atmosphere and expand the social influence.
Hospital website features: journal management system
Periodical management system is implemented through the network journals, the classification of the layout of hospital management and browsing, pre-dating online retrieval and query, and other functions. 
Hospital website features: health knowledge base
Powerful function of knowledge management, custom classification and the infinite level set, with flexible audit, distribution pattern, supports text, animation, video and other articles embodied form; 
Mass information storage, security access system, the efficient retrieval mechanism and browsing mode;
Automatic and download files with protection function of article content, copy, copy, anti-daolian, interference is more unique code technology;
Medical industry health generally includes disease introduction and prevention knowledge, health knowledge and so on.Promoting right, healthy lifestyles, but also medical agencies, relying on its good brand image should be actively advocate. 
Hospital website solution characteristics
* completely practical application demand of the medical industry in the portal, fully implement the hospital construction, management and operation of the portal. 
* website system based on PHP + MYSQL architecture, excellent security and stability. 
* able to rapidly implement website system installation, the entire intelligent installation, no technical threshold requirements. 
* website system compatible with Windows, UNIX, FreeBSD, and other operating system platform and Internet explorer, Firefox and other browsers, most comprehensive applicability. 
* website system USES modular architecture, without the development of the periodic function of infinite expansion.In give full consideration to the health care industry on the basis of the universal demand, flexible expansion or custom functional requirements, more personalized characteristic. 
* all website system USES the uniform interface, function module fully realized seamlessly. 
* one-stop pass website user management mode, flexible user groups and special across the group permissions Settings. 
* has a strong background management functions, simplify the cumbersome website late management maintenance work.

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