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Small and medium-sized enterprise website building solutions

Small and medium-sized enterprise website building solutions

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Small and medium-sized enterprise website solution based on domain name registration and web hosting service is given priority to, should the enterprise different needs with the home page, message board, site promotion, e-commerce platform, such as service system products.Its characteristic is the relatively small investment, quick effect, quickly and efficiently to help enterprise electronic commerce first step!
Small and medium-sized enterprises to enter a shortcut to the enterprise information, limited investment effectively gain!Using the Internet platform to show the enterprise fully, let more people through cyberspace to understand the company's image.Detailed company background introduction and comprehensive contact, make the enterprises to enjoy the world convenient communication and contact.Image shape website design principle is: contracted but not simple, is encased in a protective atmosphere, and art perfect.
Propaganda enterprise website mainly around the enterprises and products, services, information, network promotion, through the web site set up the enterprise image of the network.Through an introduction to the system of enterprise information website, anyone familiar with the situation of the enterprise, understand the enterprise products and services provided, and through effective online communication bridge between potential customers and enterprises.
The main module includes: company profile, news center, product center, a classic case, contact information, recruitment;Image type module function is very simple, mainly for content display page. Highlight the design requirements;The color of the page, the application of image, the collocation of dynamic FLASH effect, as well as the adjustment of the font should be in accordance with company culture idea.
In the process of site planning, we must give full consideration to every enterprise has its own features, product service, scope of products and services, such as the status of enterprise in the industry are websites at the front desk page design, the main factors to consider in the layout on the pursuit of clear and clean, color with their own VI color combined with industry representatives.In writing, in short, enterprise solutions for the enterprise itself and the market situation to write, avoid becoming amateur web site.Only in this way can fully set up the enterprise image.

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