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ESPCMS development version

ESPCMS development version

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Many companies of choice for paying customers CMS!ESPCMS pays attention to strengthen support for authorized users, so that you get a more comprehensive service!We also provide service to authorized users online tracking, one-on-one mentoring, specific versions and elegant business template!
Noble version services are as follows:
Silver service authorized 1 year, 1 binding domain, software for life use, the current version lifetime free upgrades, enforcing copyright unlimited, no commercial purpose allowed to remove, system function, no advertising push and support functions of the mobile terminal, 1 set of optional business templates, suitable for a single site, provides the template is optional
Software licensing FAQ:
1, can you tell me the ESPCMS needs to run on any system environment?
A: ESPCMS USES PHP + MySQL gold combination of development, support for Windows, Linux, Unix platform, your servers need to support installs are. X version and MySQL5. X version of the data, run space is 100 m, if you a lot of pictures or video, please according to your pictures and video content appropriately increase the size.

2, I have more than one domain name whether need to purchase a set of more?
Answer: the system authorization is a primary domain must be binding, if a web site a background have more than one domain is not affected, but not a multiple space domain, must according to individual website for authorization.Such as: binding a space, if the site space has the multiple domain such as or 1. above, it is not affected, but must use the same background the same database, if a number of different background, as multiple sites, must increase authorization.

3, I now have a problem can be resolved first, solve the success before I consider licensing?
Answer: we are a service-oriented authorization, that is to say, buying after the authorization to get the corresponding technical services, high quality professional service is our core.Software itself is to provide you a free download evaluation, please your preliminary assessment software function is applicable, if applicable, can consider to buy and then after the authorization is provided by our professional service.

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