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Thank you know Chong Yu SCANV and 360 for ESPCMS vulnerabilities repair assistance!

2014-07-06 19:27:13 点击数:

Know Chong Yu SCANV and 360 site vulnerability platform website security application provider is well-known, the ESPCMS upgrade many loopholes involved were provided by SCANV and 360 such sites, the holes provided significant protection for the user and the ESPCMS security. ESPCMS all the staff thank you again!

ESPCMS has always attached great importance to security and user experience, we hope every application security team to provide more help for us, we will actively respond to your feedback loopholes!

This relates to the vulnerability is mainly reflected in the following methods:

1, member to modify data causes SQL to inject the dangerous;

2, the site will be decompiled COOKIE encryption algorithm;

3, part of the file modification will result in the PHP file is modified at the same time;

The 4 part, unfiltered dangerous code;

These vulnerabilities have been upgraded, please timely login service center to download the latest version!

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